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Special Clearing Operations on March 31, 2023 RBI/2022-23/190 29/03/2023
Revised Regulatory Framework for Urban Co-operative Banks (UCBs) 29-03-2023 RBI/2022-23/189 29/03/2023
Income-tax (Fourth Amendment) Rules, 2023 Notification No. 15/2023 28/03/2023
Partial relaxation with respect to electronic submission of Form 10F by select category of taxpayer. Notification/Forms/2023/ 13420 28/03/2023
Cessation of “Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank PJSC” as a banking company within the meaning of sub section RBI/2022-23/188 27/03/2023
Exclusion of “Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank PJSC” from the Second Schedule to the Reserve Bank of India RBI/2022-23/187 27/03/2023
Notification No. 14/2023 [F. No. 279/Misc./66/2014-ITJ(Pt.)] / SO 1329(E) Notification No. 14/2023 21/03/2023
Annual Closing of Government Accounts – Transactions of Central / State Governments – Special Measur RBI/2022-23/186 21/03/2023
Appointment of Common Adjudicating Authority in respect of M/s Lawson Tours and Travels (India) Pvt. Order No. 01/2023 21/03/2023
Implementation of Section 51A of UAPA,1967: Updates to UNSC’s 1267/ 1989 ISIL (Da'esh) RBI/2022-23/185 17/03/2023
Notification for amendment in the ET for the 24th Council Election of ICAI Notification 17/03/2023
Notification for amendment in ET for 25th Council Election of ICAI Notification 17/03/2023
notification for amendment in ET for 13th Council Election of ICSI Notification 17/03/2023
Notification for amendment in ET of ICoAI Council Election held in 2015 Notification 17/03/2023
Centre for Processing Accelerated Corporate Exit Notification 17/03/2023
Reporting and Accounting of Central Government transactions for March 2023 RBI/2022-23/184 16/03/2023
Exchange rate Notification No. 15/2023-Cus (NT) dated 16.03.2023-reg Notification No. 15/2023 - Customs (N.T.) 16/03/2023
Designation of Special Court in State of Jharkhand Notification 15/03/2023
Fixation of Tariff Value of Edible Oils, Brass Scrap, Areca Nut, Gold and Silver- Reg. 15.03.2023 Notification No. 14/2023-CUSTOMS (N.T.) 15/03/2023
Notification No. 13/2023 [F. No. 285/26/2021-IT(Inv.V)/CBDT] / SO 1223(E) Notification No. 13/2023 14/03/2023